Thursday, 16 August 2012

A Little Break

My lovely mug.
Hello everyone! I'm back off to Ireland for a long weekend, and won't be back till Tuesday, which means I will not be able to update my blog. Thank you to everyone so far who has had a look at my blog, as it means a lot to me, being a new blog and everything. Also, I have some exciting news. I finally went out and picked up the Army Jacket I've been wanting for weeks yesterday. I have to admit, the fit is quite big, and the man in Ark told me that I couldn't return it because 'it's vintage darling'. Which I think is a load of rubbish! But anyway, yes the picture above it me, check out my instagraming skills eh? If you want to follow me on instagram, my name is: @leannee_xox. Lastly, if you want to message me, just e-mail me at my general/PR E-mail address or just tweet me at @elsiesjournal

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Want #1

Vintage Army Jacket: Ark
I came across this jacket online a few weeks ago. I've always wanted an Army jacket, but I have never found the time to actually go out and buy one for myself. This one is sold in Ark, but it is from Hearts & Bows, a brand which you can also find on Asos. It's only £30, which I think is a bargain for any kind of coat. I'm a fan of the elasticated waist, which will help give any women who wears it, a waist. I'm hopefully going to pick it up sometime over the upcoming weeks, so I'll keep you posted. What do you think of the jacket?

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Aussie Luscious Long Leave-In Conditioner

Left Picture: My hair after using the product
Right Picture: Aussie Luscious Long Leave-In Conditioner

My hair always becomes dry after a while, as I'm always using my GHD's on it. Therefore, I was in need of deep conditioning product as well as a heat defence. At roughly £4-£5 a bottle, I think that this Leave-In Conditioner is one of the best on the market. 

It helps de-tangle, protect against heat, and I've even found that it helps tame my frizzy locks. It also smells lovely, which I think is a really important quality for hair products. The 250ml would normally last me around 4 months, which I think is excellent, as that adds up to only £1 per month! It had the same effect whether you let your hair dry natural or blow dry it too. 

I know it sounds extreme, but this product has changed my life in many ways (haha). My hair doesn't look like straw anymore, and I also don't resemble a huge fluff ball, thanks to the de-stress element. I've seen many other leave-in conditioners on the market, quite a lot of them cheaper than the Aussie version. However, in my opinion, they're no way on the same level. I can't remember the last time I smelt a hair product that was so nice, even my dad asks me where the 'beautiful scent' is coming from (bless him!).

I also brought it on holiday with me for by the pool. This was because after getting out of the pool, my hair seemed to become extremely knotty, and also after always shoving it up, it became a challenge to run a brush through it. So I'd spray this onto my mane, which would leave it smelling nice and make brushing my hair not so much of a challenge. 

Overall I'd give Aussie Leave-In Conditioner 10 out of 10! It is a really amazing product, and has become my 'hair must-have' as well as a holiday essential. What did you think of this product?

This post is not in any way associated with Aussie and all of the comments above are opinions of my own. This is not an advertisement.

Friday, 3 August 2012

A Brand New Start

I've had this blog for nearly a year now, and I haven't really taken off with it. I want to change by blog and give it fresh new look, as well as a different take on thing. My posts will become more regular, and will include OOTD (outfit of the day's) alongside beauty reviews. Also after having invested in a 'proper' camera, I hope that my photo posts will benefit a lot, as well as how often I post. Thank you to all those who have stayed with me and my blog, despite the fact that posts have been poor and my rubbish time-keeping. I hope that you will stay with the blog after it has been 'rebuilt' and 'redesigned'. Lastly, the URL will stay the same as I feel it will suit by the redesigned blog and it is a personal name for my new project. 
See you soon, with a brand new face hahaha

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