Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Budget Brands

After a recent trip to Tesco's, I'm starting to think that their clothing isn't all that bad!
I've spotted at least 5 items of clothing that are now on my wish list, which I'll definitely be hopping into the trolley. To be honest, I've spotted everything there from chelsea boots to aztec print dresses. In my opinion, Tesco's have really tried with their recent collections. I do believe that the recession has something to do with the new on trend collections. After all people can no longer afford to be buying expensive high street or designer brands, such as Topshop or River Island. And with more and more people beginning to shop with budget brands such as Primark or Supermarket clothing brands, its obvious why Tesco have upped their game in the last few years. After all having a small student budget isn't the best when you're interesting in fashion and like to keep up with certain trends. Therefore, Tesco's cheap but stylish clothing is perfect for small budgets and fashionistas alike.  

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